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15/02/2015 00:46:50
Muchas gracias Fredy por su excelente servico de taxi. Fredy es una persona muy profesional con una gran personalidad, lo cual hace viajes largos parecer cortos. Fredy nos llevo de Baños a Cuenca un viaje de 6 hrs en donde el tiempo paso sin darnos cuenta, gracias a los conocimientos de Fredy en lugares turísticos para tomar fotografías excepcionales. Yo recomiendo los servicios de taxi que brinda Fredy a cualquier persona que visite Ecuador! Thank you very much Fredy for such an excellent cab service. Fredy is a professional person with a great personality, which makes long trips seen shoter. Fredy took us from Baños to Cuenca a 6 hrs ride where the time flew by without even noticing, thanks to Fredy knowledge on all the different places for amazing picture taking. I will recommend his services to anybody who visits Ecuador. I'm very confident I'll be using his cab services on my next trip to Ecuador!
Janet U.S.A.
04/09/2014 00:30:35
Fredy took me from Banos to Quito with a stop in Latacunga to look for binoculars. I had gone to Ecuador for vacation and to do some bird watching. I couldn't believe I forgot my binoculars, so on my way back to Quito for my trip to Sani Lodge in the Amazon, Fredy went out of his way to help me find some without doing the dreaded trip into the city of Quito which neither one of us wanted to do. He was professional, stopped whenever I wanted to take pictures. He was so much more than a taxi driver. He knows so much about his country and is a very interesting person.  I cannot recommend him enough!!
Jaime Daniel
06/07/2014 03:57:20
Servicio ágil y eficiente, muy seguro . Siempre disponible para todo tipo de viaje ;)
Josh B
18/06/2014 04:04:01
I just got back from riding with Fredy to the airport to drop off my buddy at the airport. Fredy was on time which is very rare here. He knew the fastest route to the airport and got us from Banos to the airport in Quito in under 3 hours! He is very very friendly and you can tell has a passion for what he does and big goals for the future! I have lived in Ecuador for 5 years and never had a taxi service as perfect as Fredy! I will be a repeat customer for sure! Also can't beat his prices!
11/06/2014 21:12:14
I consider myself very fortunate to have found Fredy. I was arriving in Ecuador with zero Spanish and needed to get from Quito airport to Baños when my flight came in at 11 pm and my friend's flight came in at midnight. Fredy was there to meet me, having been recommended by the hotel at which I was staying, and waited with me for ages while my friend cleared customs finally coming through at about 1:30 am.  I was worried that Fredy would be annoyed but he was so helpful, checking in Spanish with other customers to see what flights they had been on.  Since that Quito-Baños trip Fredy has taken us on a tour around Baños, on a waterfall tour, a trip to the swing in the sky and, a few days ago, brought me 9 hours from Baños to San Jacinto on the coast. I can't recommend Fredy enough. He is on time, very friendly, speaks enough English and accommodates last minute and en route requests with no issue at all. Yes you can take a bus for cheaper but I'd rather be safe, secure, flexible and relaxed with Fredy any day.
Dekker family, Holland
03/06/2014 19:48:55
Fredy drove us from Banos to Cuenca. He was good company while taking his job very serious. Living in Holland we know what fog and rain is, but traveling on great heights and narrow roads this kind of weather can be scary. We could totally rely on Fredy!! On the next trip to Ecuador (and there will be one for sure) we will contact you again. Good luck with your business, Fredy.
22/05/2014 01:39:53
De no ser por Fredy, no hubiéramos tenido una experiencia y un recuerdo tan inolvidable. Fue un encuentro casual, y resultó lleno de magia. Recomiendo a toda persona q viaje a Ecuador, contactar con Fredy. Es un guía gran conocedor de su pais, con  una charla amena y de contenido interesante, y un gran profesional como conductor. Inmejorable!
21/05/2014 10:52:59
We have had a fantastic service with Freddy who was the driver for Go Local! I hope that many people will join his service as well. Marjan Dreves
16/05/2014 16:02:35
Simply the best way to travel in Ecuador!  Friendly, fun and professional.  Freddy is Fantastic!  Look forward to my visit in 2015!
16/05/2014 05:22:11
Fue una hermosa charla, acompañada de tips y recomendaciones que hicieron el viaje ligero! Fredy es un excelente anfitrión
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